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Brief History

Start To Finish was incorporated in 1979 by partners Dwight Blomquist and Constantine Chiger. The founding idea was to provide first-class race-timing services with a minimum of customer stress. We started immediately with the best equipment possible and today—over 1300 races later—we still use the best.


Winning Time Chip System

In August of 2001, we upgraded from our tired-but-true barcode-tag technology to the Winning Time® chip system. It was and still is one of the most advanced and reliable race timing products in the business. Each race participant wears a small computer chip on a comfortable velcro ankle strap. When a racer crosses the finish line, our timing mats ‘pulse’ an electromagnetic field, simultaneously charging and extracting data from the chip. It is similar to the EZ-PASS system used on US highways. We have discontued use of the Winning Time System in favor of the more accurate My Laps Bibtag System.


***Our Featured Product: MYLAPS BibTag System***

In our pursuit to stay at the cutting edge of racing timing technology, Start to Finish Corp. acquired the MYLAPS® BibTag disposable chip system in January, 2011. MYLAPS uses customized disposable computer chips that are affixed to the running number of each race participant. MYLAPS all-weather detection maps track the path of each custom race chip as it comes within range. The detection mats can be placed anywhere on the race course—not just the finish line—for accurate wave-starts and split-timing. Not only is The MYLAPS BibTag system the most state-of-the-art race timing product available today, its made with the same quality, experience, and reliability of existing MYLAPS race scoring products. The low cost-per-participant and zero post race hassle-and-handling make the MYLAPS BibTag system an excellent race timing solution and our featured product at Start to Finish Corp.


FAQ’s: MYLAPS BibTag system

Question 1: How accurate and reliable is the MYLAPS BibTag System?

Answer: The MYLAPS system has a field-tested accuracy ±0.50 seconds. Chip detection occurs for approx. 99.5% of finishers. The UHF pulse density is approx. 700 passings/min. on our 4 meter (13.1 ft) mat layout.

Question 2: How does the BibTag System determine a (split) time?

Answer: When a racer wearing a custom BibTag comes in range of our detection mats (approx. 7 feet), the racer’s BibTag begins to continuously signal its unique ID. The antennas in the detection mat receive the unique ID signal and transfer them to the Decoder. The Decoder determines the finish time of the BibTag by calculating multiple received signals. (The Decoder may receive up to 30 unique signals for each race participant!) Because the electromagnetic field produced by the antennas in the detection mat ‘peaks’ exactly above the middle of the two rows of detection mats, the Decoder algorithms determine the racer’s exact finish above the middle of the mats. This split time is thus the calculated official time.

Question 3: Are there any radio-interference risks?

Answer: We don’t expect electronic interference with our MYLAPS system because it uses a reserved Ultra High Frequency band (UHF) of radio-emission that is completely safe and reliable.

Question 4: How does the system work in wet/humid weather?

Answer:  Unlike other disposable chip timing systems, MYLAPS chips are insulated with an all-weather Styrofoam layer—so rain and mist do not affect the quality of chip signal detection. The detection mats have been field-tested to work reliably until fully submerged in water.

Question: Are there any health concerns involved with the MYLAPS system?  Can the BibTag affect pacemakers?

Answer: The operating frequency of the MYLAPS system is at a completely harmless wavelength and will not affect pacemakers whatsoever. All MYLAPS electrical components are CE and FCC approved.



1. A Civilized Approach meeting your needs with race participants’ needs as the guide

2. Pre-Race Consultation and Services
        a. Race placement on our highly-trafficked website calendar @
        b. Race course measurement and
TAC certification
        c. Race application setup and design
        d. Computer input of race applications
        e. Online registration setup @
        f. Race chip packaging
3. Day-of-Race Services
        a. Oversight of day-of-race registration
        b. Computer input of day-of-race applicants
        c. Complete finish line set up including:

        d. Race course management

        e. Race results

3. Post-Race Services


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